LIFE (continued)


As I promised, I was going to explain further my shortest definition of life.

“Life is a movie we direct based on the decisions we make”

Firstly, you need to realise the title of this movie is YOU; your name. Whatever you achieve would always be tagged with your name, you’ll always be remembered for what you’ve done with your name.
Camera on you, but there’s no time for rehearsals. You either learn from other people’s mistakes or you learn painfully from yours.
You might be asking how you direct your life and why you don’t get what you want. But here’s the answer; Life itself is your opposition in life, challenges would always come your way but how you handle it is what matters most. God didn’t promise us a safe journey but He did promise us a safe landing. It’s not about the journey but the destination.
One of the basic rules in life is that Life would not give you what you deserve but what you demand for.
And that takes us to Faith. You might say I’ve been praying, I’ve been asking, I’ve been believing but I’ve got nothing to show for. Oh yes it’s possible! But my advise is keep pushing.

Do you stop eating because you’ve not added weight?
It’s the same principle. If you never give up on life, life would not give up on you and someday all you demanded for would be yours.
The decisions we make are prior to our goals in life.

That’s all for now but it would be having another part.
You could comment your suggestions on what you expect from the next part.
God bless.


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  1. Meka says:

    this inspire me bro!

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  2. Meka says:


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