Is Love Blind?

CORINTHIANS 13:1-3 defines love perfectly for us.


love_is_blind_by_marinsheOver the years this topic has been deliberated by both youths and adults. But sincerely, is Love blind?  That’s a question you’ll have to answer along the line.

What is love?

Love simply means to care so much about someone or something. Deeper, love is a strong feeling of affection for someone. A lot of people have different views on love some; right but a lot; wrong. Love goes beyond what we feel, what we do also goes a long way. If you love something, you’ll cherish it and do all to sustain it. The fact you love something doesn’t mean you must have it to yourself. The fact you love someone doesn’t mean you must date the person, but its all about doing whats best for the person and you. I once read of a man who passed through a garden daily. He saw a beautiful flower that he admired so much until the day he decided to pluck and keep it close to him. In less than a day the flower lost its beauty. What would he had done better? Water the flowers? Oh, that’s much better. Love is not all about having a romantic relationship, but how do you treat your neighbors, friends and people you meet daily?  Love is deeper than appearance; how about the persons attitude. No matter how you take care of your skin it would wither someday but your attitude is under your control and power. Who are you?


What does it mean for love to be blind?

It means if you are truly in love with someone it can be so overwhelming that you don’t realize the flaws of the person or even if you do realize, you choose to ignore.

Love is not about ignoring the flaws of a person (not talking about beauty but attitude)  But its about bringing out the best in that person cause you care. You don’t ignore wrong you correct it. Love is kind, endures all and is patient perhaps that’s what we call blindness but we are wrong. Love causes one to be kind, caring, and patient to speak, to hear and also adhere to correction. If someone would not realize the correction is for the best especially when done softly, calm and patiently, there’s a problem.


One must be patient if you want to see a change and kind enough to keep encouraging the person. The other person must be willing to change for the best. Actually love doesn’t conceal a person’s flaws, instead it opens up your eye to see the inner beauty. Except you love the body or something else other than what really makes them who they are. As much as the appearance and looks may attract you, you must be interested in knowing who they are. A friend once told me that its when the two parties involved get to know each others faults and understands them, love becomes blind; sorry but I disagree. I believe this is when your eyes are opened to the things that should be modified about that person. I don’t know about you but I don’t see how love conceals the flaws of a person except you purposely ignore what can be changed and should be. This could only leave you devastated because it  would get to when you can’t tolerate it anymore and when it ends you begin to ask, ‘what did I ever see in him?’ or you’ll say that you were only even managing her.  Don’t leave the wrong traits to keep nurturing, if you truly love the person help them out cause they may not even realize something is wrong. Show you care.

Do you still think love is blind?


Share your thoughts and views, no one is an island of information or ideas.

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  1. ninnie says:

    Reading this really helped me to understand the true meaning of love better…keep it up nnamdi ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot dear and I’m glad it helped


  2. O says:

    I see greater things ahead…Nice work👍


  3. O says:

    I see greater things ahead..Nice work👍


  4. Oyinda says:

    I see greater things ahead. Nice work👍


  5. Jennifer says:

    Is Love really blind or ‘people’ are just scared about societal gossip and talks…also too scared of being judged and ending up alone! To me,everything is the same, or how would you explain a woman living in her matrimonial home and being used as a punching bag day in,day out…for 6 solid years…and always taking the bait (implying she provoked her husband)…there’s nothing to justify such act,no matter the provocation,now is such ‘love’ really blind??? I think ‘love’ is all about selflessness,and optimism…because no matter how hurt a person is,when there’s love, there’s always that little (optimistic) voice saying ‘hang on just a little longer’…and so therefore, we shouldn’t deprive others of love and being loved because that’s the greatest gift in life….

    Liked by 1 person

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