Your Mindset and your blessings


The mind is one very powerful tool God gave us. From my view the mind is the most powerful part of us; not the tongue as supposed. Why do I say so? The tongue would speak things into reality. I agree with that but I believe it’s what the mind ponders that proceeds out of the mouth. What I mean is that the mind controls the tongue.
You are what you say and do, what you say and do is what your mind perceives right to do. Do you agree with me? The tongue doesn’t just say what’s not in the mind, even if it wasn’t given a thorough thought.


Our mindset is our way of thinking; an attitude or opinion, especially a habitual one.
One striking phrase in that definition is ‘especially a habitual one’  A habit is an action done regularly or simply said; its an addiction. So are you addicted to positive thoughts or negative thoughts?


Your thoughts are a seed which germinates into what you do and what proceeds from your mouth. And this makes you who you are. You don’t plant thorns and expect to grow roses. Likewise, you don’t curse your life and expect to be blessed. We have no reason to be negative no matter what because the effects are adverse. Negative mindset would blind you from seeing the good side of anything or a situation, all you would be expecting is bad fate.


My dad once made me follow one of my aunts for a job interview so I could keep her company. I didn’t argue but I went with the mindset of ‘you are not welcomed here’. What was my business with a job interview? I’m not looking for one. Just entering, I didn’t close the gate and the security pointed at the gate.  Right away, I frowned and thought ‘where does this man expect me to stay now?’ Unknown to me he was only asking me to close the gate.


Likewise, life would be giving us diamond but because of our negative mindset, we’ll think it’s a knife or its going to be used to cut you. Someone would advise us and we’ll think its mockery. Also, people would try to inspire us with their stories and we’ll think its show off. In so many little ways we miss our blessings, favour and opportunities. Very unfortunate.
But from today we need to start viewing our lives from a different scope. Remain positive no matter what’s happening.


‘If everyone around you is negative, you may try to change them but let’s face reality; they may only rub off on you so change your environment’- Joel Oesteen.

Its difficult but we have to and that’s why we need to keep praying to God as we work diligently at it.
If you do all these, I promise you that your life would take a U-turn and your testimony would be a blessing by the grace of God.
You might not realize but one of the secrets of successful people is their mindset and view of situations, what they prophecy daily


Was this helpful?  Have a great Sunday.


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  1. OrAddey says:

    A wonderful message that nourishes the soul

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  2. Toks says:

    Great piece Nnamdi (ONB) Love the message. I’m not only Impressed, Inspired too! I’m your biggest fan. -Tokunbo Adebesin (Tkbesh)

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  3. Damola A. says:

    Bless Up. Another one. 💪🏾💪🏾

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