Let’s Change the World Together by Meka Nwoke.


I’m Meka Nwoke and this is an introduction to my YouTube channel coming soon. I’m not doing this to tell the world how imperfect or perfect I am, but I want to use this medium to share my ideas, thoughts, and life experiences with you. I want to be able to learn for each and everyone who comes across any of my videos, be able to impact each other positively, and in the process make each other better people in all ramifications of life. I am strongly of the opinion that if we are able to achieve this, it is an inevitable fact that we will be able change our world around us (our immediate world) and improve ourselves as individuals, as well as our world at large. The change we want to see in this world is the change that must start within us as individuals. Notorious B.I.G once said and I quote “we can’t change the world unless we change ourselves”. 
Here is a Sneak Peek of types of topics I will be talking about: 
1) Academic success: Our degree of academic success is not solely dependent on how smart we are, or how hard working we are, but on how well we know ourselves.
2) Goal setting: Looking beyond the horizon, being disciplined, and having impeccable focus.

I want to also use this opportunity to challenge everyone to think outside the box for a second, think beyond the conventional way of thinking while you embark on this journey with me. I’m super excited. KINDLY SUPPORT, REPOST, AND LET’S CHANGE THINGS TOGETHER. Have a merry Christmas and a fulfilling new year in advance. Stay tuned.


Let’s all support a young guy trying to make a difference; a positive one at that.
Follow his IG and Twitter @MekaYMG
God bless as we keep supporting everyone who means good.



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  1. kvngnadia says:

    Great Job
    I can see you going very far with this blog
    God Bless🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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