Focus on the Vision; A short poem by Ovie Emekene



I am here to make an impression
I am undergoing a motion
A process to make me a distinction
With the ability of self expression
People have benefited from me a positive inclination
I find a solution to every problem that has been focused on with vexation
I react positively to things around me to the point of exhaustion
Influencing good is my intention
Ensuring people do not have a bone of contention
Using everything as an inspiration
To focus on the vision
Creating space for meditation
To be able to achieve the mission
Which gives you a sensation
A sensation to do more than the extraordinary.




This is the first poem ever on the OfficialNnamdi Blog, and it was composed by Ovie Emekene.  A 200 level law student at Adeleke University.  He goes by the handle Slow_Zeus.
He said, ‘I was thinking of how people could use every situation to their advantage. Chanelling whatsoever emotion they feel at the time to do something productive. Something that would change the world possibly. An idea that could influence the world positively. Using the rough times to become the good around you.’
Sincerely it’s a very good one. So much talent out there, never fail to appreciate when you see one.
Don’t forget always remain inspired and also help those around you to get there.


Ovie Emekene.


Life is always worth living.


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  1. igoni harrison says:

    nice on…keep it up bro

    Liked by 1 person

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