A great New Year ahead of all blog readers


We can’t help but admit that somethings didn’t go right for 2015 but I also can’t help but say that 2016 is gonna be so much better than 2015. Yesterday can never be better than today and today can never be better than tomorrow. Every day is a new opportunity to improve on the mistakes of yesterday. As much as we may talk about ‘the good old days’ we also shouldn’t forget to sing about the much better tomorrow.
Lesson; don’t dwell on the past. The failure of the past can be improved upon and the victories of the past can also be decorated the more.
To those that got to were they want to be; congratulations but you don’t settle there. Strive to go higher,  we have no limits. And to those that couldn’t how about we settle down and reflect on those obstacles and ways to tackle them. And I know by the grace of God, we would have no cause to regret seeing 2016.
Please always be grateful for all God has done for you. A lot of people died this 2015 but here you are reading this post. We are not better than those who are gone we are just privileged; His love, kindness,  grace, mercy and favour has kept us.
Question: What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today?


I don’t know about you but I prophesy to my life that 2016 is going to be my year of extraordinary favour, joy, grace and progress.
I wish you the best 2016 has to offer, greater heights for you and more blessings to your house hold. Don’t stop reading my blog and God’s blessings would fill your homes. Remain inspired, more inspired as you step into 2016.
Happy New Year to you from me.


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