Being YOURSELF (Part 1)


Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
(NIV Bible)

Hey everyone who took out of their time to read this post, I really appreciate. I hope its worth it and you support by sharing your thoughts in the comment box and sharing the post to your Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you’ve been having a great week so far. I decided to share this with everyone because its quite alarming how far people would go to be who they aren’t. We hear it all the time; ‘Be YOURSELF’ but now we need to take it more seriously and I bet you won’t regret it. Firstly we need to understand this statement; it simply means we should not try to act like something you’re not, we should not portray what we are not. We are expected to be like Christ and that’s the life we should emulate. I’ll bring it home. In this first part we would be concerned with discussing ‘REASONS WHY PEOPLE ARE NOT THEMSELVES’


Low self esteem

   This is as a result of the fact that we undervalue who we are and overvalue who we are not. We look at people as being superior to us when the reality is that we are all equal except we pull ourselves down and exalt a fellow human so high ( this is more than just respect) that we crave to be like them and imitate all they do.

Peer pressure

   This could also be as a result of low self esteem. Then we end up being pushed to do what we can’t do, what we never did, what we can’t do in the presence of our parents, what the bible doesn’t support and what we can’t take.

Zeal to feel among

   So many of us feel we  are being left out by the trend or things that are in play. We don’t move with the craziest crew, they call you names because you aren’t with them. So what? Unfortunately, this drives a lot of people into starting what is not part of them because they want to be popular, respected and feared. You want to feel among.

Aim to impress

   We care so much about what he thinks, what she thinks and what they’ll say. We want to make everyone happy, we want them all to love us and appreciate every single thing we do. But unfortunately, it would not play out the way you expect.

We fail to keep in mind where we come from

In the midst of all the happenings, we tend to forget where we come from, who we are and then we loose ourselves. Who’s watching? We don’t forget all we’ve been taught but we ignore them. We don’t care about and it only causes us to mar our family names.

Lack of personal decisions and plans/ No vision

   How do we live each day when we have no plans in mind, no vision and no goals. We aren’t chasing any dreams then end up getting pursued by a night mare. When we stand for nothing and everything; anything seems right to us sadly.


I did my best to ensure I didn’t discuss solutions and in depth effects because that would be for the next post. I really appreciate you for reading but lets get to the interesting part where we share our thoughts and opinions in the comment box so we learn more from each other. Remember; no man is an island of information. Feel free to share this article to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Remain blessed and stay in touch for the part 2 where we really discuss what matters most after the problem has been identified.


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  1. Dainty M says:

    I love how you started by showing our identity in Christ with that Bible verse. I couldn’t agree more with all the things you’ve said. We live in a world where imitation is the order of the day. The media portrays what ‘perfection’ should be and we strive to meet such standards, losing ourselves in the process.
    This line blew my mind! ‘We aren’t chasing any dreams then end up getting pursued by a night mare.’
    Wonderful post! Can’t wait for the part 2 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot dear. I’m really grateful for your support. Your comment has also taught me more. I appreciate.


  2. Good write up! I definitely think social media plays a huge part in this!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you 💯 And it’s pretty unfortunate.


  3. Tobi Samagbeyi says:

    Very beautiful piece right here, keep it up ✨💫

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot dear. I would by His grace


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