We’ve been working


Hey blog readers! Good news; everyone at Officialnnamdi blog has been working real hard in what we do best. Inspiring and motivating you, learning from you, getting your favorite celebrities talking, supporting you, introducing you to amazing people you didn’t know and lastly keeping you entertained with stories, poems, fashion updates and other interesting things. Wondering why I said everyone? Oh yes, we now have authors on the blog; motivational and inspiring bloggers, poets and fashion bloggers. One thing we all have in common is the zeal to make a difference and a positive one at that. Everyone here is amazing, talented and I APPRECIATE THEM ALL. You should as well. Stay put to know who we got on the blog but for now I’ll reveal our new logos.



I can’t take credit for anything because Slow_Zeus (Ovie Emekene)  was in charge of it and obviously the task was handled perfectly.

All I require is your support and you can do that by sharing posts to your Twitter and Faceboook, telling your friends through Instant Messengers and also sharing your views and comments. We would appreciate that. God bless everyone that has supported us so far; your support keeps us moving.

Always remain inspired and also anticipate; AMAZING BLOGGERS ON THE BLOG.

Official Nnamdi


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  1. Nneoma says:

    You’re a remarkable writer
    Wish you the best

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot dear. Keep reading to see more amazing posts by incredible bloggers.


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