Good day all. I am overjoyed that you’re reading this right now because to me you are alive and well or about to be! All thanks to the most high!

Consider the following two scenarios please. Something tells me you might have had similar experiences.


One day, you wake up right as your alarm begins to ring. You smile, obviously pleased with yourself and say your prayers more meaningfully that day.

You go about your morning preparation with speed and an unexplained cheerfulness. Before you know it, you are ready to go and it’s not even time to leave yet! Something tells you that the day would be a good day.


On another day, you don’t hear the alarm till the last minute! You get out of bed swearing and annoyed at everything in your wake.

On your way out because of time you don’t say your prayers or maybe not as meaningfully as you usually do. You bump your toe and spill beverage on your immaculate white.
You are still wondering whether to change shirts or go to school just like that. While you are till considering, it’s time to leave. And you haven’t even packed your lunch yet something tells you the day would be a shitty one. And you agree.

What if you found out you were responsible for both the good day and the shitty one? What if you knew you had the power to make your day good or bad?

You actually were, and you do have the power. At this point, you might want to review the scenarios and see how you handled things differently.

Feed the mind a positive seed in the morning and harvest the result all day- Bob Miglani.

On the good day, you responded positively to waking up early and gave out positive vibes in the process. You woke up pleased, you said your prayers meaningfully, you went about cheerfully! This little positive reactions each setting the stage for the next positive thing.

By simply responding positively, you created a positive cycle of events.

The same thing with the shitty day. By responding negatively to waking up late. If only you’d smiled, or given off a positive response your day would have turned out different.

Why is it that bad things all seem to follow each other huh? The way you react to the first bad thing that happens determines whether or not the one bad thing will invite it’s friends or not.

In this life, what you give is what you get. Give positively to get positive results.

I hope you remember this the next time you’re running late, stuck in traffic, having a bad hair day, having a wardrobe malfunction or whatever evil machination the universe allows to come your way.
Your response is the determining factor of if the bad would go or stay.

I hope you at least smile in such times.

For it’s the smiles when it’s most difficult that matter the most.


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  1. As funny as it may sound; a girl once complained to me that she was having a bad day and it wasn’t just her day. It prompted me to ask her if she prayed and she said no she didn’t ‘cos she was in a hurry and left home in a rush. You are right and I couldn’t say better. We do have the power. And we must remain positive in spite of whatever is going on. God bless you for this one.

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    1. Thank you for this example bro! It gives credence to what I was talking about. Amen and God bless you too!

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  2. Dainty M says:

    This really got me; ‘For it’s the smiles when it’s most difficult that matter the most’ like really, who smiles while stuck in traffic? Or having stained immaculate whites? It’s so difficult to smile when things aren’t going my way! But as you’ve rightly said, our reaction to the bad things determines whether the bad things invite their friends or not. Thanks for these essential tips for a positive day, I’m going to run with them. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting M. I’m glad you’ve chosen to try it out. I wish you success in it and all others things that you do! Thank you again and God bless : D

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