Your Gift is Your Lift


I’ve seen people without ability Do things that were regarded as impossibilities
I’ve seen a person with no ability
Bring to this world, more and more reality
Paul was the least of the Apostles
For He persecuted Christ
And still,
He did the greatest things through Christ
Little David defeated Goliath
With nothing but the gift of faith
And with his gift he became king.
There is no telling about you
If you will discover yourself
If you will look inward
If only you could express your God-given talent
With precision and perfection
You will be the greatest
Because your GIFT IS YOUR LIFT!

There are times when you get broke and you feel like there is no road from that spot. You’ve tried all the alternatives and it seems like there is no option or anything you could turn to. I’ll only ask one question… Have you actually gone through all the options? Do you know that the talent God gave you can serve a greater purpose than just keeping yourself from getting bored? That gift could be an explosion but it needs a catalyst which is you. That gift you thought could serve nobody can actually serve you; try getting yourself into showcasing your talent for others, who knows the doors it could open for you.


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  1. Great one. I really enjoyed this one as it also inspired and taught me. Most times we forgets we’ve got talents and we condemn ourselves so bad even when people have not and God still watches for us to use what he has given us. Thanks for this amazing post


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