There are many questions we ought to be asking ourselves on a daily basis. Such as, have I done any good today? Have I been able to achieve my goals for the day? Not forgetting the very popular WWJD, to mention but a few. 
Right there among these important questions we need to ask is the question, what can I do differently from others already in the same craft, field or industry with you?

This question is very tantamount to excelling in life because to excel, we have to be outstanding. To be outstanding, we have to rise above the rest. To distinct ourselves. In other words to be different. 

If you are opening a business today, the only way I know you can do well is to provide a different service, in one way or the other, from the competition. 

Take über for example. Is it that there haven’t been transport companies and cabs before? Why are they thriving. It’s because they took the simple act of patronizing taxis and brought a different and more convenient way to do it. 


Consider an office setting for instance and you are the employer. Say majority of them have a lackadaisical attitude towards office duties. But out of all of them there’s one who works differently from the others. One who you can rely on. When the opportunity for a raise or promotion comes who are you considering first?  


And it’s just like that in virtually all spheres of life. Whether you’re a student, partner, leader or whatever. Being different in a positive manner sets you out in a positive light. And we all know what comes after that! 

In conclusion, I leave you with words from my father. According to him, if you’re not different, you’re nothing. 

And who wouldn’t want to be something?
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  1. Great post Kelechi. Most times we forget that we were made to stand out not to fit in. God gave us all difference gifts and we have peculiar roles to play in our everyday life but we choose to stand with the crowd and make no impact. Some times we have the zeal to but then we let people’s opinions and thoughts bring us down to their level of mediocrity. Thanks for this post, I hope everyone that reads it thinks deep about it.

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    1. I’m really glad you added your thoughts! I hope the people who read this read the comments’ section as well! This is a great addition. Thank you.

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