Why I Stopped going To Church


I walked into the sanctuary

The silence made it seem as though I was in the mortuary

As I stepped in

I could see the judging eyes under the big black hats

I could hear them murmuring

Yes, I was a sinner

But I didn’t need these saints’ accusing glances

I pulled my short dress down to conceal my bruises

My hair was long and full

Something the usher called ‘wild’

As she handed me a rumpled handkerchief

I could see the undisguised disgust across her face

Then there was the offering which we gave 3 different times!

I barely had enough to feed myself,

And I felt it was just a means to exploit the poor

God definitely didn’t need all that cash!

I could perceive the pretense in the air

People trying to be ‘holier than thou’

The pride and prejudice in the church wrapped its slimy hands around me,

My thoughts were not focused on God who I came to see,

But on these people whose approval I desperately needed

God I couldn’t see, but these hypocrites I saw…

I went back home worse than I came,

So much for Christianity and the love of God

I said under my breath as I told myself I’d never attend church again…

Broken and empty on a Saturday night,

Lying abandoned with no one in sight,

I heard Him speak clearly,

That He loved me so dearly,

My heart was like the troubled waters,

But He spoke great calm,

As he led me to the church I belonged to.

I saw people worshiping in truth and spirit,

Offering to help me in every little way,

I felt a quilt of peace around me

As I breathed in His presence

Soaking myself in the pool of His blood

I had never felt cleaner,

A church is a hospital for the broken,

Not a museum for the perfect,

Unfortunately a lot of people have stopped going to church

Because of the saints who showed them no care,

The clergy who condemned them,

And a lot more reasons…

But why stop the flow of blessings

Because you hate the channels used?

God longs for you to worship Him

Make it a date this Sunday!

Mfon Etuk



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  1. I so like that quote there…made me smile. The church is really a hospital and that I truly believe


    1. Dainty M says:

      Yes indeed! Bless God!

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  2. Wonderful post Dainty M. Thank God for using you to speak to us this Sunday. Glad you didn’t hold this lesson back, God bless. Sometimes we forget why we go to church; to commune with God? We don’t remember that and that’s why we let what people say pull us down. Quite unfortunate we are humans and aren’t perfect, God knew this. The fellowship in church helps us become better than we are already. People would always talk; the church wasnt made for saints but those who are willing to accept Christ no matter what. I hope a lot of people who have given up on church see this and get to understand better.

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    1. Dainty M says:

      Thank God for the inspiration! Thank you for shedding more light as well on this . God bless you!


  3. trueartiste says:

    Reblogged this on TRUE ARTISTE and commented:
    this poem is straight fire. the level of sincerity and truth is remarkable for such simple writing. this is amazing. Im definitely inspired

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  4. Wow** I think I might have even screenshotted everything. This i s a post I so do not want to forget🙌🙌

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