Same photographer, new shots? Yes! How’s everyone been? Sure you all are doing good and I’ve got something to make you feel much better or rather Ayo Busari has got something. Stay calm, I’ll show you the pictures alongside the inspiration behind them; he did give us some details.

Well it all started with a face-to-face conversation with Naomi. I was on friends flat and coincidentally Naomi was her flat mate. She had seen my works on Instagram and needed shots for her portfolio.


Apparently, she’s a model and an actress so she booked a session with me. The day we had the shoot was cold and windy but a good artist never allows the weather affect their work of art, so we continued with the shoot.


We had the shoot for about an hour and a half.  It took me about six hours to finalize the photos.

The shoot took place in a field with  natural landscape surroundings. One thing that makes me happy is the fact that landscape art is one of the most lovely piece of art. Naomi is a multi-talented being because she styled herself and also did her make-up; she’s an all-round artist.

I also like the fact that her skin tends to blend with the environment.

I used a 50 mm lens for this job, and it gave me a good result. Alrrady, I’ve been getting quite a number of good comments from people who appreciate what I do and I’m so grateful.
Y’all should expect more of Naomi and Ayo Busari.  

Also watch out for my new project coming soon, hopefully ending of March or April and keep checking my Instagram for new shots.

Amazing shots, don’t you agree? Share your thoughts  and opinions. Also tell your friends on Twitter and Facebook stop over at the OfficialNnamdi Blog. God bless for your support.

Ayo got fire🔥🔥 coming. Remain inspired and stay entertained as well.



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  1. 🔥🙏🔥
    Sick Fam!

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  2. FoluOmole says:

    Keep it bro. Lens Of Ayo is Fire!

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  3. oba says:

    keep it up bro …still got ur back 💯💯

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  4. ayofree says:

    keep it up b

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  5. B. O. E says:

    I’m always inspired by you, Ayo Busari.
    Keep up the good work. 👍

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  6. Ayo Busari says:

    Reblogged this on ayobusari and commented:
    Official Nnamdi Featured Ayo Busari and Naomi


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