For a purpose that had to happen. For a purpose you are where you are, you face what you see, a lot has happened in your life and for a purpose you are reading this post. 🙏🏽

Hey everyone. How are you doing? And how’s the week gonna be? For me I’m certain it would be amazing. It’s been a while since I came on the MonDrive inspiration post; all thanks to Kelechi Ochulo for filling in. I appreciate and God bless you. On today’s post I’m trying to let us know that every situation is for a purpose and I’m also trying to encourage myself that I’m not wrong on this so I definitely would appreciate your comments and shares.

     I’ve grown to believe that every situation is for a purpose. Knowing fully well that God doesn’t bring challlenges our way for the fun but for the lesson. But here’s the sad news; sometimes we do not learn that lesson and may have to repeat that process. I’ll be frank with you by letting you know one of the easiest ways you can learn this lesson and it’s by accepting the truth no matter how disheartening. Am I really ready for this? What did I miss? What would I have done better? I did make a mistake, didn’t I? No challenge we face is bigger than we are- God knows what he’s doing. Let’s never think things just happen because they were meant to or just on probability because it’s all for a purpose.
Do you know that we grow with every challenge? My dad always tells me that the reward for success is more hard work and ‘I thought when would I take a good break from all the stress? 😂’ But here’s my point; He is right except you are moving from ‘grace to grass’ The higher you go the more challenging it is. Even a little baby begins with the liquid milk then soonest it begins with the semi solid cereal meal. Gradually it graduated to taking solid carbohydrates,proteins and very soon it can devour a bone and chew meat. Each challenge makes you stronger and better prepared for the the next big thing coming your way. Think back over the years, am I stronger? Some challenges I face now, if I faced them two years earlier would I have survived the heat? Same with a baby; ever wondered what would happen to a baby of two months if it tried breaking bones?

We must understand that we don’t become all we were destined to be in one night. It’s a process, gradually so we must embrace patience as a virtue. Only a tent can be built in one night, a mansion on the other hand; no way! It would take a longer time. Big dreams take a while (most times) so please don’t settle for less due to impatience. In most cases; believe me that nothing good comes so easy. But understand that every situation is for a purpose.

There would be no winner without a competition; no victor without an opposition; no first class degree holder without universities and courses. No best without a test! Then you should know that every mountain is a ladder not a ROADBLOCK- Official Nnamdi. 

Whatever you’re chasing, don’t give up. Always had that dream? Prayed about it? Then keep praying and chasing the big ball cause God won’t fail you. You are worth more than you can imagine. You’ve got no limits. If you can think it, you can do it. You are just as powerful as your brother; Jesus Christ cause we are made in the image of the Father.

Wherever you are try to embrace the situation and make the best out of it. The earlier you do, the better for you. These situations force out the champion in us. It awakens the real you; the victor God created. Bad situations as we may assume, could be the best thing that could have ever happened to us.

Do you know what comes to my mind when things get tough, a blessing is delayed, someone disappoints me or I loose someone dear? I remember Marvin Sapp’s Testimony.

…Experienced loss at a major cost but I never lost faith in Him. So if you see me cry, it’s just a sign that I’m still alive. I’ve got some scars but I’m still alive. In spite of calamity he still has a plan for me and it’s working for my good. And it’s building my testimony. 

Yes! I always believe (rather I know) that it’s building my testimony.

There is a purpose for everything that happens under the sky. God bless you for your time, hope you enjoyed the post. Share your thoughts on the comment box below and let your friends know by sharing to your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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  1. Dainty M says:

    Welcome back-been a while! 🙂 Wonderful post this was and quite timely for me. I’ve been going through a situation I wish would end already. But I’m reminded it’s for a purpose- I definitely wouldn’t want to have to repeat it. I pray for God’s grace to go through whatever it is we are going through. God bless you for sharing!


    1. Aww. Thanks a lot dear. I’m glad it meant a lot to you. We thank God cause it’s all for a purpose. I know we would share your testimony in a bit 🙏🏽

      Liked by 1 person

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