Happy Birthday Mummy Toks of TkbeshOnline

     Hey blog readers! How’s everyone been? I’ve never done this before but we still working on giving our loyal readers a birthday shoutout. Either way, here is more than a blog reader. She is my mentor in this and I’ll always remain grateful to her. Care to know why?

Ever heard of those rare gems? She is one. Once upon a time a youth with a vision and no wisdom of implementation sought to own a blog with the sole aim of inspiring the world and effecting a change. By the grace of God the blog started but here stood someone with no experience or vast understanding of the field; how was I meant to do this?

  You should view her blog TokunboAdebesin.com
Fortunately, I remembered following an amazing Nigerian Blogger based in the UK on Instagram. It’s a female surprisingly. I humbly contacted her and by the grace of God she replied humbly with the peach of a mother. Lol 😂. I think I just found myself a mother blogger. She advised me, put me through a lot and supported in a lot of ways that I couldn’t even believe. Here was someone I looked up to confirming my works and encouraging me as well. That joy when your mentor drops a comment on your posts; 😊

Today, everyone at the OfficialNnamdi Blog is celebrating with Tokunbo Adebesin (TkbeshOnline) as she marks her 40th birthday cause she’s had a huge impact on the blog. God bless you Mummy Toks for everything, you’ve been so great and I really appreciate. We all wish you a happy birthday and more of God’s blessings upon you and your family.  

You should go through her blog to know more and understand better. TokunboAdebesin.com .Also anticipate an interview with Tokunbo Adebesin of Tkbesh.com 

  I haven’t told her about this 😂 but I’m sure she’ll be cool with it. The interview would probably be done by Ovie Emekene (Slow Zeus). Stay tuned; subscribe to receive updates on new posts. 

  And I still say; every positive comment and view on this blog is dedicated to you ma’am. God bless you. 


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  1. Wow! I’m humbled and speechless. I have no clue on what to say Nnamdi. However, I’m certain you are blessed and favoured dear. I truly appreciate you and your team. You give me too much credit! I hereby return all to God, who deserves the glory and honour. Thanks guys. Much love❤️❤️❤️

    ~ Tokunbo Adebesin

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