Hey everyone! Happy Weekend. Finally a day to rest from the week’s stress, not for some though. Saturday Forum has begun and here’s our first topic for discussion. But permit me to wish a lovely reader a Happy birthday. Her name is Heavenleigh Benson Anorue; thanks a lot for the support, God bless and endow you with more grace to excel. 

   Now let’s share our views on the topic. Tell your friends to stop by and air their views. Is it advisable to listen to everything people say? Why?

   Hope this pulls through and we all learn from each other. God bless everyone supporting. 


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  1. Heavenleigh says:

    Thank you so much Nnamdi God will lift you up and favor you I appreciate this a whole lot I’ll always be your number one fan I love you baby thank you

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  2. STJ says:

    So basically , I feel its a two way thing obvs. People can lead you to the right way and can also lead you astray . Not every advice is good and bad .
    I feel it depends on you really . we can’t say its advisable and its not advisable to listen to what people tell you . I personally feel it depends on you , you choose what you want to take in for yourself . people are entitled to their opinions and stuff and people would always talk , would always want to say something to you . so it’s what you choose to listen to that you listen to

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    1. If you are the one to choose what to take in then I guess you are trying to infer it’s advisable to listen to everything people have to say. How then do you choose if you haven’t heard?

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  3. Ayo Busari says:

    I feel it’s advisable to listen to every single thing being said to you . Then it’s your choice to choose the right from the wrong . You possibly cannot know how useful an advise is till you listen to it, digest it and interprete it.

    Also sometimes , the least favourable advice turns out being the best . 🙂

    Thank you

    -Ayo Busari

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    1. I wouldn’t have said better Ayo. Nicely and perfectly thought.

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  4. Rih says:

    I think it’s advisable to listen to everything, but look into whatever it is properly so you know which to believe and which to react to. Sometimes the people that you think are ‘hating’ are actually telling you things that you need to hear. Could be about a relationship or even something about you. It’s not every time you say ‘that’s who I am’

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    1. I get your point and I agree. You’ve said it all. Those we assume dislike us would still be giving us a good point and if we don’t listen how else do we get better. Thanks for this Rih

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  5. Arabmoney says:

    The saying “there is always a sense in every nonsense” emphatically protrudes the need to give a listening ear. Being a good listener is good but one has to be analytical enough to discard the irrelevances and take the good ones. However I believe in listening more and speaking less, that way you can’t be misquoted. Kid bro I must confess I love what am seeing here, the blog is not just entertaining like the regulars but also informating,educating nd unique. Keep it up and more grace nd wisdom to continue soaring like an eagle that you are. #yaga

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    1. Thanks a lot for your contribution and encouragement. I’m really grateful and I wouldn’t have said better; pay attention to what they say then filter!


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