Reminiscing On My Trust Seed by Kamo Laka

It hurts thinking back to my innocent days.
I am not the way I am because I chose to be this way.
The damaging of my seed changed me.
My seed didn’t chose to be fragile.
No seed gets to choose it’s characteristics.
Becoming vigilante was the outcome I got from my seed being destructed.
It was this tree that grew in me.
This tree formed barriers of protection against my emotions.
As this tree grew inside of me it slowly removed the seed that was planted in me from birth.
This seed formed part of me as I grew. This seed got damaged , it could no longer be regarded as a seed.
A seedling is what it had become. This tree left my seed with only a rough exterior.
The ability this seed brought had faded with it’s soft exterior.
Now my lack of a healthy seed , is the lack of my ability to trust.

First time I read this poem I was simply marvelled by it I had to find the writer

It was written by kamo Laka and here is what she has to say about this beautiful piece
What inspired Reminiscing on
my trust seed was my past.
My encounter with a certain male had left me wounded as he had hurt me and lied to me so my ability to trust was taken away because I thought all males lied and so I couldn’t trust any more fearing the fact that I would get hurt again.
I met someone else and it was unfortunate for him because I didnt trust him even when he was honest cause I was unable to trust due to my past And that’s when I decided to write the piece because I wanted to be able to trust again. I missed my seed.

Truly inspiring from her… She draws inspiration from things that happen around her and this is what she wants you to know about her

I’d like people to know that I have a story to tell and that my life obstacles are the building blocks of who I am and I keep going forward and pushing through all pain because my future is my motivation.

You can visit her IG Page @kamo_laka and just like Nnamdi would say there is so much talent out there.



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  1. This is an amazing piece. Nice one Kamo_Laka


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