Starting over: Again!!!!

There is no greater joy than being happy and content with who and what you are.. Most times we aim for the star forgetting we can own the Galaxy.. 

You have to decide on being happy because truly nobody gives happiness you have to take it. 

No matter how bad the challenges you’ve got two options , pray and believe in God that it would pass or keep dwelling on it and depression sinks in..

I shot this photos with my friend Sosa( a budding blogger and photographer) . We had a good and amazing chemistry and it makes me realize that when you’re around people who share similar thoughts and faith as you every conversation is full of beautiful mind!!!

life starts when you start living”

Zarapants/ H &M top/ H&M jewelry/Michael Korrs watch

You can reach me via Instagram @trulyoma or send and email : trulyoma@gmail.

come, let’s get chatty.


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  1. She never fails to stun everyone with her amazing outfits


    1. trulyoma says:

      Thank you!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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