Hey reader? How was the weekend and how’s today gonna be? Won’t be bad to prophesy success for the day or what do you think? 

Monday is that day students don’t want to see while Friday, on the other hand, is that day we can’t wait for. Same goes with workers. Who hates the weekend? When you can have a little time for yourself; get a clean cut and a clean shave, rearrange your room, plan a productive week, work ahead of time and just take a break from all the work. But hello! It’s Monday so let’s forget about the weekend. 

  It is always good to start your week positively; say no to negative vibes. It influences a lot. A poor mindset could get your day really messed up and we don’t want that. So when you wake up, you pray to God first; thanking Him for the gift of life which we do not merit and then you must cover the day and also the week into His hands. Now put a smile on your face as you run through other preparations. But before leaving the house get to the mirror (if you can’t access any then use your phone’s front camera or even your phone’s screen). Do you know what you do now? Say good things about the person in front of you, prophecy grace,success, favour and all you desire. 

When you’re done, confirm you’re still wearing a smile then use the door. Lol. As crazy as it may sound, it helps a lot. 

You should repeat the steps daily. Do have a great week. Hope you still anticipating JEAN STILL MEAN. Subscribe to receive updates. 


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