October is a blessing 

Happy New month dear! How was September? Hope it was amazing cause believe me October is going to be better. How am I sure? Yeah, cause yesterday can’t be better than tomorrow; we keep getting better by His grace. It’s the first day of October which happens to be the Independence Day of my country; Nigeria and my dad’s birthday. So The OfficialNnamdi Blog wishes Nigeria a Happy Independence Day! 🇳🇬 

For this October, I urge you to visit the blog every Sunday anticipating ‘When Calamity is a blessing’ 

This is centered on the story of Joseph from the Holy Bible. We would be understanding certain facts about his life and challenges. I’ll really love to hear from you because I want to learn from you as well. God bless you as you support. 


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  1. Anuli says:

    Expect me.

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    1. Thanks a lot for the support 🙏🏽 You are a darling

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      1. Anuli says:

        You are welcome. Godspeed.

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